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Feeling stuck and not sure what to do?

We've all been there before. Feeling stuck, anxious and not sure what to do about it. At first, you thought the feeling would pass, but it hasn't. It's been months now and you don't remember the last time you felt truly happy.

You've got everyone fooled; your co-workers, family and even your friends. They think that you've totally "got it together", but in reality, you feel like a little bit of you dies every time you have to tell a lie about how "great things have been." 

It's no secret. Figuring out what you want out of life and bringing your dreams into reality is a huge undertaking.  Not to mention the anxiety, lack of confidence and self-worth issues that arise. Believe me, I've been there. You daydream of a life with more flexibility, freedom and inspiration and think about how awesome it would be to jump out of bed every day just like you do when you're on holidays!

But instead of taking action, you've started making excuses that are keeping you stuck and you haven't made a move yet. You keep telling yourself you will soon, but deep inside you're unsure if you ever will. 

So instead, you opt to stay safe, comfortable and ultimately trapped in a routine that is making you miserable. After all, there are some good days, right? 

Is it finally time to make a change? 

kinesiology melbourne

About Andra

I'm a professional Kinesiology Practitioner,  Mindset Coach, Equilibrator and all around Personal Development Expert.

All that aside, my work sums up to this: I help people find their purpose and make their dreams a reality. 

It all started when I was 7 years old and my grandmother said to me "You know Andra, the older you get, the faster time will go by."  That was the first time I remember questioning what my purpose here on earth was. What is life all about?  If it all goes by so fast, then why don’t we just focus on doing things we love?

Fast forward to my 20s, I tried living a typical, ordinary life.  But after a couple of years working in a high-stress corporate job, I realised there was something major missing: inspiration and zest for life.

In 2012, I quit my full-time job in Toronto, Canada. I packed a backpack and along with my partner we bought a one-way plane ticket out of Canada. 

I decided during those months of travel that I didn’t want the kind of life I would need to vacate from. I didn’t want a predictable routine, a regular job, planned holidays and I certainly didn’t want feel like I wasn’t doing anything purposeful with my life.

I knew I wanted more, but to be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I felt lost, frustrated and at times, even desperate for answers.

My travels brought me to Melbourne, Australia which is where I live today. I started managing a Wellness Centre in the city, and I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about natural therapies. I loved the industry and knew I was finally on the right path. 

But I noticed something funny; there was a big discrepancy between what people say they want to do, versus what they actually do.  Clients would come in wanting to beat depression, yet they would refuse to change their perspective. Others wanted to lose weight, or heal digestion issues, yet they would make little changes outside of their appointments at the clinic. I noticed that a lot of us sabotage ourselves from reaching our goals. 

That's when I discovered kinesiology, one of the most holistic therapies available. I love how kinesiology works with the subconscious mind to pin-point sabotages and blocks that stop people from moving forward. From working with a Kinesiologist, I got tremendous life-changing results and very quickly realised that I wanted to become a practitioner myself. I also learned about quantum physics and the universal laws and principals that govern our reality, to truly understand the underlying drivers of human behaviour. 

Today, I work with clients from all over the world to unpack the stories that keep them stuck and help them create the life they have always dreamed of. 

In my wildest dreams, I could have never imagined the gratitude that comes from working with the beautiful souls I've encountered.  From me to you, believe me, the journey is absolutely worth it. 

Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (B.A)
Certificate IV PKP Kinesiology
Diploma PKP Kinesiology (current) 
Certified Equilibrator
Reiki Level 1