10 signs it's time to see a Kinesiologist

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Let's be real, there are hundreds of reasons to see a Kinesiologist. Here is a list of my top 10: 

1. Your gut is telling you there is more to the story

Something just doesn't feel quite right, but when you try to articulate it into words, you just can't. Using light muscle testing to access the subconscious mind, a Kinesiologist can help you put together the puzzle pieces of what's really going on. After a kinesiology session, most people say, "Wow, I had no idea that XYZ was weighing so heavily on me!" This new awareness helps you move forward with way more ease because you finally have the bigger picture. 

2. You keep failing to meet your goals

Whether your goal is to increase your income, save money, start a new career or relationship; somehow you just keep falling short. Using muscle-testing, a Kinesiologist can pinpoint exactly why you keep sabotaging your goals. More than that, a Kinesiologist will balance your body's energy to align with your goals, which will help you get real-life results. 

3. You wish you were more confident and had more self-worth

When you see someone who is very sure of themselves and knows exactly what they want out of life, you wish you were more like them. Well, you can be! We all have stories that contribute to the reasons why we aren't confident in our abilities. In a kinesiology session, we often do something called an age recession. Using muscle-testing to talk to your subconscious mind, we can go back to a specific age where something may have happened that is contributing to your lack of confidence and self-worth.

4. You feel stuck in a rut

You wake up and go to sleep feeling stagnate and frustrated. You're unsure why and even more so, unsure what to do about it. You don't know how you got to feeling this way nor how you'll get out. You want something to change, but no matter which way you turn it seems impossible to make a move. Feeling stuck often comes from too much thinking and not enough action. Kinesiology can help you gain clarity in terms of the action steps you need to take in order to feel like you're flowing again. 

5. You feel like you've turned everywhere for answers and nothing has helped

You've consulted Google, your friends, family, doctors and maybe even other natural health care practitioners. Nothing and no one seems to know what to say to help you - and that's because no one can. The only person that can help you is you. Our bodies have an innate capability for healing and kinesiology taps into this inner wisdom. Kinesiology talks to your body and your subconscious mind, so the practitioner is only facilitating communication between you and your higher self during the session. 

6. Affirmations and goals piss you off

You've read many self-help books that talk about positive affirmations and goal setting. Heck, you may even have positive intentions written on post-it notes all over your house! Yet, deep down, you burn up when you think of repeating yet another affirmation.  

The reason is, if you're not energetically aligned with the affirmation, it is actually causing you more stress. Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency (remember, we're all energy!). To keep this really simple, picture an affirmation that says "I am abundant and living on purpose". Let's say this affirmation is vibrating at frequency A, yet you are vibrating at frequency D. This discrepancy can happen because of certain life experiences that you're holding on to that need to be consciously dealt with in order for you to vibrate at the same frequency as your affirmation. Otherwise, the affirmation is only going to cause you more stress! If you're feeling subconscious stress, you certainly won't be manifesting what you want.  Kinesiology can balance the energy of your body so that you are aligned with your affirmation, therefore allowing you to move closer to manifesting it into reality.

7. You've been going back and forth on a big decision

You normally 'oooh' and 'ahhh' about decisions, but on this one, you really feel stuck! Should you quit your job? Should you pursue that new career? Or start your own business that you've thought about for years? A kinesiology session can help you figure out what path is in your soul's best interest. 

8. You feel unfulfilled and you don't know why

When you take a look at your life, everything seems... pretty good. You feel like you should feel content and happy, yet, you can't help but feel deeply sad at times. Something is missing, but you're not sure what. Kinesiology can help you fill in the gaps and figure out what is missing in order to add more inspiration and zest into your life. 

9. You've been hopping around without direction

You've made decision after decision all your life, and it has all made sense in your mind, but when you look at where you're heading, you truly have no idea. You crave a sense of knowing what your purpose is and what you're truly meant to be doing. Kinesiology can help you figure out what your life purpose is and give you a road map on how to start living it. 

10. You're overwhelmed

To be overwhelmed in itself is a sabotage. We often take on more than we can handle or bury ourselves into projects out of the fear of actually doing one thing really well. Kinesiology can help you get clear on your priorities and clear out the muck and brain fog that often results from being overwhelmed. 

In the words of Albert Einstein, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."  Sometimes we need to work a little deeper to better understand our behaviours so that we can clear our sabotages. This will inevitably lead us to feeling more balanced and at ease. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that each Kinesiologist practices very differently, so make sure to ask questions and look at their website to determine if they're the right person for your needs.

If you're reading this and have had kinesiology in the past, I'm certain that it's changed your life in some way. But let me guess, you've had a hard time explaining how it works to your friends or family? If this is you, make sure to send this article to them so they can learn more about  kinesiology and how it can help them too! 

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