What is kinesiology?

THIS is the video that so many of you have been asking me about! This week I answer the question "What is kinesiology?" 

Not only that, I also cover a lot of my Frequently Asked Questions that I get from the AMW community: 

  • How does kinesiology work?
  • What is muscle testing?
  • What are the benefits of kinesiology? 
  • How long does it take to get results?
  • What does a session with me entail? 

As your watching, it's important to keep in mind that each kinesiology practitioner works very differently so in this video I am speaking about how I personally use kinesiology as a part of my business in combination with mindset coaching. 

A lot of my clients are surprised with how much deep work we can do within a single session. The reason why they get such big "aha" moments in every session is because we are never "guessing" on what we need to focus on. The conscious mind can easily convince us that one area of our life is the priority, simply because we're trying to avoid the actual thing we do need to work on! With kinesiology we can always get to heart of the issue quickly because we're working directly with the subconscious mind. 

9/10 times people are so surprised by what comes up in a session. They say that in a million years they would have never thought that what is testing up was actually the root cause of their current sabotage or stress. Not only that, they're surprised by how relieved they feel afterwards!

Click here to watch or hit play below.

If you've ever had kinesiology before and loved it, but weren't sure how to describe it to you friends, send this video their way! You never know who might just need it at this point in their life.