Feeling anxious yet have no idea why?

Do you ever suddenly feel anxious and think to yourself "where the heck is this coming from!?"

You try to figure out why and you just can't put your finger on it....

It's uncomfortable and can even feel like you're suffocating...

You feel it through your entire body and even down to your bones.... 

Know what I'm talking about? 

Then watch today's video where I talk about why you might be feeling anxious and believe me, it's probably something you've never thought of before (unless you're a client of mine - then this will sound familiar to you!). 


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Changes at Andra Maria Wellness

New Signature Program: Step Up!

Due to the large success of the Step Up 2017 program, I've tweaked it and decided to make it a core part of my business. That said, moving forward I will no longer be offering single sessions for new clients (if you're an existing client then this doesn't apply to you). 

The reason being is because I love supporting people to get life-changing, "holy smokes!" kind of transformations. I've learned this past year that this definitely takes time and deciding to work together for four months is much more beneficial to get long-term results! 

Four months gives us time to explore the past and really clear out the things that have been holding you back your entire life. It gives us a chance to get clarity in the present with everything you want to create. And finally, it allows me to support you as you truly Step Up into the person you've always dreamed of being. I get so excited just thinking about the journey! 

So, if you'd like to get the kind of transformation I'm talking about above, then you can schedule a  30-minute free talk with me and we can explore if indeed the program is right for you

Biz Coaching & Alignment Program

As of Feb 1st, I am celebrating one-year in business! Woo! I always get asked how I was able to quit my full-time job and jump straight into working as a Mindset Coach & Kinesiologist. I'm so passionate about enabling and teaching others exactly how I did it so I'm putting together an incredible 6-month program to support fellow coaches, kinesiologists and other wellness industry professionals who are just ready to step up their biz this year. Stay tuned for more details! 

With love,