How to manifest anything you want

I'll start with my manifesting story...

I was introduced to the concept of manifesting from a very early age. My mother had told me she had read an interesting book that talks about how we, human beings, have the ability to create our life simply by choosing our "thoughts" (more on this below). “You are manifesting every moment of each day”, she told me. “Think positive thoughts, and positive things will happen in your life. Think negative thoughts, and you will attract negative events.”

As a young girl I was absolutely fascinated by this idea and even when hearing her say those words for the first time, it had made perfect sense to me. I had never taken to religion for the simple reason that I didn’t like the idea of praying to some external entity to help me change my life. Knowing that I, myself, had the ability to create my outer reality empowered me.

It wasn’t until my early twenties that I began to seek knowledge on my own that would further my understanding of the concept of manifesting. All of a sudden I felt an urgency to understand what life is all about. So I soaked up words from authors such as Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson and Gabrielle Bernstein. 

Since then, I have used this manifesting process to attract all sorts of things like my husband, my travels around the world in 2013, jobs, clients...on and on. I use it every single damn day if I'm being honest!  

After you've watch the video, make sure to download my Manifesting Guide & Checklist here. It includes:

  • Guiding questions to help you along each of the steps
  • A page of BONUS tricks of how you can truly embody the feeling of having what you want (even when your senses tell you it's no where near!)
  • The SINGLE most important emotion you want to embody when it comes to manifesting that makes this process work
  • A list of my favourite manifesting resources!

One thing I LOVE is hearing manifesting stories. So if you've got a good one, make sure to leave it in the comments below!