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Today I'm sharing with you the very real and honest reasons why I started doTERRA and I give you a warm invite to come join my growing international team!

For those of you who aren't familiar, doTERRA is a company that shares therapeutic-grade essential oils. They are incredible for all sorts of things including anxiety, mood management, supporting physical alignments and onwards. You can watch my workshop where I talk about why I love the oils here. 

A few months ago, I was catching up with my friend Querida over the phone when I was telling her I was craving a sense of community since I was just running my business from home. With her usual perfect timing, she said "Hunny, why don't you consider doTERRA? All you're doing is creating a community and supporting and educating others"

It was the first time I actually considered it collaborating with this brand and integrating as a part of my business. From there I went on to do heaps of my own research to see if it was a company that I truly wanted to represent.

The truth is I was already using doTERRA essential oils, loving them and already recommending them to my clients and other people all the time. After combing through the business model, a lot of meditating, surrendering and allowing...I felt more and more drawn to collaborate with doTERRA.

In today's video, I talk you through my thought process, why I love doTERRA and how the business model works and how we can join forces and grow our businesses together! If you're a skimmer like me, you can also read the rest of the article to get the gist! However, I do recommend watching the workshop as I go into wayyy more detail! 

Introduction to essential oils with a focus on anxiety and mood:
Wealth dynamics test: 

Purchasing behaviour has changed

According to Eric Qualman, 90% of people trust peer recommendations and only 14% still trust advertising. That is huge! I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS recommending different products, restaurants and people that I love and in return also listening for others recommendations all the time. The truth is, you're network marketing all the time. Think about it, how often do you ask your friends for a recommendation these days? 

Network Marketing

Let's talk about these two "bad words" network marketing and re-define what it actually means.

Network marketing used to have a bad rep for a very long time because of people trying to make a "business" out of selling stuff to their family and friends, that they didn't even need. People lost friends over it. Others thought network marketers were annoying. I get it! It's because of the approach of "selling to everyone" or "convincing people to buy" that traditional network marketing companies often encourage it's representatives to take. This is something I would never ever EVER do because it's just not me. 

Honestly, selling anything sucks.  The word "selling" makes me cringe and want to hide under my bed and never come out. I physically cannot do it, I freeze, panic and feel super awkward. I suck at selling!

kim kardashian instagram ad

However, what I am really good at is teaching, educating and sharing information about something I love and believe in. This is how I've run my business for 2+ years. I haven't "sold" anything. I've shared information and people have either been drawn to that information or have not. 

When I was doing my research of whether I really wanted join doTERRA, I came to an epic conclusion that redefines network marketing.

You know those instagram "influencers" that every one seems to envy these days? The ones with thousands of followers that get paid big bucks to endorse a product? Think no further than Kim Kardashian who uses partners with brands and turns to Instagram and Twitter encouraging her community to buy a product that she "loves". Or I'm sure you've seen the yoga Instagramers that share a "promo code" of 10% your first order from their favourite yoga pants shop. 

The conclusion I've come to is that "influencer" is simply a fancy word for being a "network marketer".  All these people get a financial kickback for doing one thing: sharing a product with their existing network in exchange for revenue. 

You as an individual represent your own brand, online and offline. You can choose which brands to collaborate with and endorse. I chose to partner with doTERRA as it's a company I already love. So instead of waiting to amass a following of a million people so that a brand can "choose me" to represent them, instead I've chosen a brand that I am already in alignment with and that I know will pay me to represent them right now. 

SIDE NOTE: If you're a network marketer and have no intention of joining doTERRA, I encourage you to still watch the video above from 06:21 - 11:59, it will help your mindset a lot! 

Why I friggin love this business model

One word: community. I get to run a business with other people! Eff yes! It seriously feels like I am running my business with my best friends. We chat on the phone regularly, we support each other and we energetically hold space for one another. I know when I feel supported, there is SO much more than I can do knowing that others have my back and are rooting me on. 

I also love the fact that as my business grows, this directly benefits my friends - but you will only feel this way if you sign up under someone you actually adore and enjoy being around.

To be honest, had I signed up to buy doTERRA from someone who didn't even take the time to get to know my name, I don't think I'd have the inspiration to build my business because it would just feel like I was "working" for someone else. 

Why I joined doTERRA specially

*I'm obsessed with their products! I would be recommending them and sharing them even if I wasn't getting paid!

*I'm a part of a team that loves personal development and simply shares my common values.

*Brand alignment: I love the way doTERRA feeels both online and offline. I am proud to collaborate with them.

*Co-Impact Sourcing: doTERRA is responsible. They source their products from their native environments which also supports economic development in each country. Visit: for more information.

*Quality oils: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils! They are the best quality essential oils on the market.

*So many products to talk about! They offer essential oils, supplements, a skincare range and cleaning products. I love the fact that there are many things I can share with people! It gives me lots of workshop ideas and I have the freedom to approach the business from any angle. 

*Generous compensation plan. It's one of the best available!

*I love the idea of residual income -  meaning my efforts today will reflect my income in the years to come. I run my own business meaning I don't get maternity leave or a pension plan. I'm starting doTERRA now, for the future. 

You can get a glimpse into the compensation plan here, but please note, this is reflection of your work. It takes effort, time and commitment to get to any one of these stages.

doterra compensation plan

If you're intrigued to join me on this adventure, here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time:

*I'm not a guru at this stage! Why is this a GOOD thing? Because I'm looking for people to grow WITH! In my experience, having people in the same boat as you is priceless. I'll guide you (I know a thing or two about running your own business!) but I'll also stand by you and we're gonna go through the motions together. We can experiment together, share what is working and what is not and truly feel like we're on the same team to grow our businesses together. 

*I'm a mindset rockstar. People have been hiring me for the past 2 years to help them start and grow their businesses already -- you get access to this for free if you're on my team. I also believe mindset is the key to everything, if you share this philosophy you're in the right place. 

*Community is my number one reason why I'm doing doTERRA. My intention is to attract people who also really value community and love supporting others so that this translates as our team grows. 

*Along with my girls, Emily Socha, Querida Hutchinson & Sarah-Jane Morgan we're creating a team of people who are obsessed with personal development, wellness and living life on purpose! Emily is in the USA, I'm in Melbourne, Querida is in Perth, Sarah is in Sydney. This is the start of something epic #globalteam

How to start

First things first, try the oils and fall in love with them! If you do, you won’t stop talking about them like I did – they seriously sell themselves!

If you want to join the business, the best way to start is with doTERRA’s Home Essential’s Kit because it includes the oils you will talk about the most (I didn't do this in the beginning because I had no intention to share the oils... I regret it now because it ended up costing me a lot more money to go back and purchase all the basic oils). 

Breakdown of Home Essentials Kit ($330 AUD + shipping) :

  • doTERRA’s most commonly used oils (10 oils)
  • Diffuser
  • Wholesale membership (25% off future purchases for one year)
  • RECOMMENDED: Add a fractionated coconut oil to dilute the oils before putting on your skin!
  • If you're out of Australia, you'll find that the oil prices will be slightly different in your local currency. You'll see the relevant prices when you select your country from the drop down menu.
  • If this is NOT in your budget, there are smaller kits. Let's make this as easy for you as possible - email me and we will create a plan! 
  • There are also bonuses! You will get free oils or money to spend on your next order depending on where you are in the world. Email me to ask about the current bonuses! 
If this image belongs to you, please let me know and I'll credit you! I don't remember where I sourced it. thank you! 

If this image belongs to you, please let me know and I'll credit you! I don't remember where I sourced it. thank you! 

How it works

In order to have earn commissions you need to place a Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) of a minimum of 100 PV per month (approx. $120-$150). In other words, your only business expense is to shop (best excuse ever)! You can set this up when you're ready to start seriously sharing the oils. After you've started to share the oils, you find that you get your products for free every month! 

Next Steps - Starting your doTERRA business & sharing the oils

    If after you get your oils, you love them as much as I will find that everything that comes next is pretty natural! 

    • After you place your order for the Home Essentials Kit, you and I will jump on a skype call and talk about a game plan! I'm a big believer of needing to share the oils your way. It needs to come from your heart and it needs to feel natural to you. We can figure out what this means for you!
    • The doTERRA way is sharing through workshops (online, in person, etc). A workshop can mean 2 people come over and you share the oils with them. It doesn't need to be a "big thing". Remember, you're just talking about what you love and sharing information so you're not "selling" anything! Annnd I've got your back - we can co-host your first couple of workshops together :-) 
    • Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order when you're ready to start sharing and earning commissions! 

    Other things to know: I'm not gonna be one of those people that is going to tell you to join my team because of the earning potential or because it's all "so simple and fast".

    I want you to know, as with EVERY business other there, there is more work in the beginning for less money. Overtime, you start making more and more money and the earnings are...well truly abundant and consistent. 

    It was the exact same when I started Andra Maria Wellness 2 years ago - I made little money the first month, a little more the second and it kept going upwards from there.

     I am looking for people who have an entrepreneurial nature, value community and are wanting to have a FUN journey together above anything else (and make money while we're at it!). 

    Get started: Order your Home Essentials Kit

    If you want to talk on the phone or Skype first just shoot me an email:

    My doTERRA website:
    Enroller ID: 4731450

    Click here for a step-by-step breakdown of ordering the oils

    Speak soon pretty girl!