Three steps to find your purpose in life

Over the past two years, I've developed a reputation for being someone who helps others find their purpose. I love this as it's something I struggled with so much for my early 20s, I remember feeling nearly desperate at times to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

I used to believe that we each have one purpose we are destined to live... However, my beliefs about living life on purpose have continued to evolve dramatically this year due to a few of my own personal experiences. I've recently come to redefine what it means to live your purpose as I've found that some people actually don't have one purpose and never will settle with just doing one thing forever. 

In today's video, I share lots of personal stories of feeling restricted at times when I just tried to do one thing as I thought this is what living your purpose means. I also share three tips of how you can find your current purpose. If you just want the quick rundown of the tips, read them below. If you want to go for the full experience, watch the video where I share the tips with lots of story-telling in true Andra style! 

Three steps to find your purpose when you have NO idea what you want to do with your life

Step One: Which category do you fit in? 

After speaking to hundreds of people about this topic, I've found that we all fall into one of these three categories: 

  1. Some people, in fact, do have one purpose and they know what it is from a very early age. 
  2. Some people don't ever question their purpose and are happy to go through life without thinking about it much.
  3. And finally, some people don't have one purpose. In fact, the idea of spending their whole life doing one thing sounds restrictive.

I find that most people in the third category fall into the realm of "wanting to find their purpose yet never feel like they do". This is why I'm redefining what "purpose" means. The new definition of purpose means doing what makes you come alive at any given time (which will ALWAYS change throughout your life). The only way you can live your purpose if you fall into this catagory is if you truly have the ability to listen carefully to your inner desires and you take the time to know yourself from the inside out. 

Step Two: Get Clear on Your Current Values

Get super clear on your top 5 values, the things that are most important to you in your life right now. Please know that what was important to you 12 months ago, may not still be relevant so don't be hard on yourself! 

For example, some of my really strong values right now are connection & community. However, in the past, travel and new experiences were my #1 value. At that time, I decided to travel around Europe and Asia and this truly felt like I was living on purpose. Now, travel is not that high on my values. It's more about creating a sense of community in my home city, Melbourne. 

Step Three: Choose Your Focal Points

This concept is taken from the book The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine,  a book that recently made a big impact on me. Margaret defines focal points as different projects or areas where you can spend your energy and time, which combined will fulfill your main values and therefore make you feel alive and like you're living your purpose! 

For example, in the past, my main focal point was doing private consultations with my clients. Since I've read Margaret's book, I've learned that I thrive much better when I have 4-5 different projects to focus on. It makes me much more productive and energized when I have a variety in my life rather than focusing on one thing!

My four focal points at the moment are: private Mindset Coaching & Energy Balancing consults with clients, working with MJB Seminars as an Equilibrator at their seminars, sharing doTERRA oils and finally I'm putting together a few workshops of my own (as well as collaborating with some pretty cool people and brands in 2018). 


Have NO idea what you want to do with your life right now?

Spend 90 minutes with me taking a deep dive into your past, present & future to help you get clear on your top 5 values and develop your individual focal points! This session will give you clarity and an action plan of what to focus on to truly feel like you're living your purpose! 

By applying what we uncover together in the session, you will feel energized, inspired and purposeful. $225, 90 minutes. Includes pre-work prior to the session and email support after the session for 3 months. Held via skype. To book in, contact me here.