How I found my life purpose & how you can too!

This week's video is something that I've dreamed of making for years.

When I was lost and confused about what I wanted to do with my life I would visualize one day telling my story, recounting each puzzle piece of my journey that fell into place and lead me to my life purpose. 

This week I'm telling you the story of how I found my life purpose.

I talk about how I became a Mindset Coach & Kinesiologist and what my true purpose is beyond that title. 

You know how they say, even if you help just one person... you've made a difference? 

That's exactly how I feel about this week's video. But that one person that I've made this video for is... me. Because I had promised myself that I would somehow share my story one day and there is nothing more fulfilling then doing something you told yourself you would many years ago (Yup, I'm totally having a moment right now!).