How to be yourself

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone always talks about the importance of "being true to yourself" but what does that even mean?

I don't know about you, but I change my mind a zillion times a day. What resonates with me one week, often doesn't the next. 

The mind is a tricky thing. 

So if I'm always changing my mind about what I like and dislike then who am I and how am I supposed to "be myself"? 

I'm so glad you asked. In this week's video I share the two non-negotiable things I do each morning to connect to myself so that I can truly feel like I'm being myself, no matter what. 
1. Allow myself to feel my feelings through a 15 minute meditation

From an early age, we are taught not to feel our feelings. When we're upset, our parents say "you're ok, you're fine!" in order to get us to settle down. Over time, this conditioning causes us to learn how to suppress our feelings and constantly lie to ourselves.  When we're angry, we tell ourselves "I shouldn't be! It's nothing! It's fine!" When we're annoyed we tell ourselves "It's silly! It's nothing! I'll forget about it!"

This is the recipe for disconnection. 

So every morning, I allow any emotion that wants to surface to come up.

If I'm angry, I allow myself to feel angry.

If I'm annoyed, I allow myself to feel annoyed.

I allow myself to be frustrated, moody, scared, anxious, panicked....

I don't justify it. I don't reason with it. I just feel it. 

I sit with the emotion and allow it to surface. I breathe slowly and deeply until the emotion doesn't feel so intense anymore (make sure to watch the video because I explain this in depth in the video!) 

2. Practice gratitude

I write down 10 very specific things I'm grateful for each day. My rule is, I must write things that have happened within the past 24 hours as it forces me to be specific plus shows me all the little blessings in each day.

By the end of this mini-ritual, which usually lasts about 30 minutes in total, I feel connected and at ease and I am ready to approach the world as my "true self" - whatever that means. 

I'd love to know, how do you stay connected to yourself so that you can "be yourself"? Leave me a comment below! 

Need extra support? 

If you truly feel like you "don't even know who you are" and the phrase "who are you?" and "what do you do" completely stresses you out then you might want to consider some extra support. I offer one-off sessions or the Step Up Program for those who want to really dive in deep.