Manifesting: 4 mistakes you might be making

Since I made my last video How to manifest anything you want I’ve gotten lots of questions about manifesting:

“Andra, I want to manifest my ex-boyfriend back. This is possible right?”

“I’m trying to manifest abundance. I feel like I am doing all the right things, yet I’m not getting richer. What am I doing wrong?”

“I tried manifesting a specific job I REALLY wanted and I didn’t get it, I feel devastated. Why isn’t manifesting working for me?”

These are all really great and valid questions which I address in today's video: 4 mistakes you're making when manifesting. 

  • Guiding questions to help you along each of the steps
  • A page of BONUS tricks of how you can truly embody the feeling of having what you want (even when your senses tell you it's no where near!)
  • The SINGLE most important emotion you want to embody when it comes to manifesting that makes this process work
  • A list of my favourite manifesting resources!
Once you’ve watched, leave me a comment below: when is a time that manifesting "worked' for you? 

With love,