Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome

Tell me, have you ever felt like this?

No matter how many credentials you have...

No matter how much experience you have...

No matter how many awesome things you've achieved...

You completely cringe when people praise you? Even worse, you somehow feel "fake" or like a "fraud"? Like all of your success has somehow been a fluke and everyone's going to find out that you don't really deserve it at all? 

If you can resonate with this on some level, let me introduce you to the imposter syndrome. 

The imposter syndrome is described as the inability to internalize accomplishments due to a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud". 

In this week's video I talk all about what the imposter syndrome is, where it stems from and what you can do about it. 

Take the imposter challenge below and free yourself! Tell me, how do you feel like you're being an imposter right now? 

Finally, if you know someone who could use watching this video, make sure to send it their way. I know when I was in the depths of feeling like an imposter, a video like this could have made the biggest difference.