How to love yourself + My top 10 self-love affirmations

The personal development industry: I love it and I hate it.

There are so many people preaching so much of the same stuff.

Positive thinking, detachment, mindfulness... we're all looking to become "better" versions of ourselves. It starts sounding like blah, blah, blah...

I'm going to be completely honest -- because you're a part of my community and I feel like I can be real with you -- I too get caught up in this and my head starts spinning with the latest things I should be trying. 

But you know what I come back to time and time again? Self-love. 

Because how exhausting is it constantly feeling like you need to "fix" something about yourself all the time! I'd rather learn to love all parts of myself. Coming back to self-love helps me do this. 

And I'm not talking about self-love when things are going well because that's not really when I need it the most.

Self-love helps you most when... 

  • You feel weak or like a failure
  • You feel judged and like you're letting everyone down
  • You feel like you're completely lost and frustrated with your life

In this week's video, I talk about my self-love practice, watch below:  


If you're digging this topic, download a list of my top 10 self-love affirmations below!

With love,