Getting tired of feeling like everyone is just so rich and successful?

Firstly, THANK YOU to all of you who watched/listened to my video last week, which was the most from the heart episode I’ve shared online. After reading your beautiful comments and emails, I realized that there is such a need for realness/rawness in the online space. Being honest/vulnerable is not always easy, but it puts a smile on my face and I was truly so excited to continue on filming this week for you guys! Which brings me to today’s episode…  

I’m sure you’ve all seen these types of Facebook ads at one point or another?

“How I made $100,000 in my first month of business”

“How I grew my business into 7-figures in under 12 months using these simple steps”

“How I went from being broke to earning [insert large figure here] in 6 months”

At the end of 2016, it seemed like those types of social media posts and ads were following me around. I didn’t get how everyone seemed to be doing sooooo well with such ease. It started to make me feel small and like I was missing some crucial piece of the puzzle.

At other times, I just felt unlucky like people just liked them more and that’s why they were doing so well.

Have you ever felt like that?

Today I’m sharing another, from-the-heart, episode sharing several stories of times when I’ve felt envious as a result of comparing myself to others success. I jump around quite a bit in this episode but here are some highlights:

  • I share how being triggered by envy can actually help shine light on exactly what you need to be doing more of
  •  I talk about a time when I reached out to someone who was a 7-figure empire building entrepreneur and how I found that making the decision not to invest my money with her was actually more empowering than anything
  • I talk about how I had to turn to myself to grow my business rather than just handing over my power to someone else
  • And finally, I share some of the behind-the-scenes reasons of why some entrepreneurs are super successful, super quickly. I share these because when I found out the “truth”, so much pressure was lifted off of me because I realized I hadn’t been comparing myself on an even playing field at all

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you,