The signs of low self-esteem & self-worth

Okay...this is a big one! In today's episode I'm talking about self-worth. 

If you're a personal development junkie then this topic is probably nothing new to you, so you might even want to skip this week's video (I promised to never waste your time!).

On the other hand, if you've done little or no personal development work before, then I highly recommend you grab a cup of tea and listen in. 

Self-worth is a topic that is often tossed around...and something that for most of my life, I thought I had a lot of. 

It's almost comical thinking back to learning about the "signs of low self worth". I remember listening to one of my teachers speak about them...and slowly and surely it seemed that I held nearly ALL behaviour and characteristic traits that resembled someone with low self-worth. 

I was baffled because I actually thought that my way of being was "normal"...but it turns out that putting immense pressure on yourself, feeling guilty a lot and keeping busy 24/7 are just three common signs of someone with low self worth! 

But that's the beauty of personal allows you to see that there is another way of being and allows you to make a choice in terms of how you want to show up in the world.  

If this topic resonates, then tune into this week's episode where I speak about: 

  • The not-so-obvious signs of low self-worth (Overachievers, I'm so looking at you!) 
  • How being a "busy overachiever" has served me and equally ran me into the ground
  • The first step that you can take today to stand in your power instead of operating from a place of not enoughness
  • The difference between low self-worth, high self-worth and just standing in your power (the middle ground) 

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