Clarity + Purpose: It's okay to change directions

This week's video is completely different than my usual videos...

For starters, there is absolutely no fanciness about this video. Barely any editing and I filmed it with my little webcam while sitting no place other than my bedroom floor (hey! It had the best natural light!).

In all honesty, this recording is much more something I'd recommend you listen to in the background instead of sitting down and watching it. I suppose it's sort of like a podcast, although I'm not giving it that official title (yet) lol!

To make it super easy, you can either hit PLAY on the video below, or download it on iTunes via the link below and pop it on your phone.

Onto the episode... 

This week, I really felt drawn to just having a chat with you, heart-to-heart. 

I feel a little vulnerable posting this video because I think it encompasses who I am a little more than my regular videos...

It's a rambling of my thoughts and if you know me personally, you'll know that I LOVE to talk, love to ramble and LOVE to tell stories.

So in this week's recording I'm chatting about:

How it's OKAY to change directions in your life.

I used to feel ashamed, embarrassed or even guilty when I had to change directions because I felt I had done something "wrong" and I should have known better from the start. Have you ever felt this way? In the episode, I talk about how I'm feeling called to change directions in terms of my YouTube videos and although it's not easy, I feel like it's the right thing to do for me.

Listening to your heart even when everyone offers different advice

I absolutely love learning from others, but I've learned it doesn't mean I need to take all advice so literally. All in all, my heart is the best compass for me.

It's OK to change your 'why'

The 'why' behind what I do in my personal and professional life is constantly evolving. I talk about how my 'why' has evolved, where it's at now and being OK with not knowing where it will evolve to next. 

To those of you who watch & listen to the entire episode, thank you for letting me share my raw heart with you. 

With love,