5 signs you're living an inspired life

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As I write this, I’m sitting here in Ubud, Bali drinking a coconut, overlooking a stretch of lush rice paddies and hundreds of palm trees. I came to Bali with my mentors to learn something called the Equilibration Process. This process is the most effective method of shifting  perceptions that cause negative repetitive cycles. Personally, it's one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced! But, more on Equilibration another time.

The point is, I travelled to Bali to study the one thing I love most - human development.

After the training, I came to Ubud for a couple of days to have the opportunity to reflect and write. Yesterday, I did a Power Yoga class at Yoga Barn, where a gecko crawled onto my arm during savasana. I ordered pumpkin pie and ice cream before dinner, just because. Before bed, I even joined a Tibetan Bowl Meditation.

Why am I telling you this? Because there is something powerful I realised: “this is it – this is the good life”. I realised that I have reached a whole new level of success, the kind that only comes from living an inspired life in line with my values.

Here are 5 signs you're living an inspired life:

1. You’re always working, yet never working

Here in Bali, I’m working on my business, yet it doesn’t feel like I’m working at all. To be honest, since I started Andra Maria Wellness at the beginning of this year, I feel like I haven't worked a day, yet I’ve put in way more hours than I ever did when working for someone else. Working on evenings or weekends is no big deal anymore. When you start living your dream, your playtime and work time begins to merge as you find yourself inspired by the work!

2. People become naturally attracted to you and want to work with you

When you’re inspired by your work, you emanate a vibrant energy that everyone wants to be a part of. People will start asking you to become a part of their projects, get involved in different initiatives, be interviewed for their websites and to become a part of their community. It’s just a matter of picking and choosing which opportunities align with you!

3. You wake up on most days jumping out of bed

Instead of dragging yourself out of bed, negotiating whether you should call in sick or not (sound familiar?), you wake up easily and jump out of bed with enthusiasm. You’re excited and energized as a result of living life in accordance to what is most important to you.  

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4. Vacations aren’t top of mind anymore

Instead of constantly daydreaming about when your next holiday will be, you’re okay with living in the moment. You still take holidays, but they aren’t because you need to vacate from your life. Your holidays simply add variety and spice to your life. And when the holiday is over? You're excited to get back and pick up where you left off back home. 

5. Everything becomes figureoutable

As my girl Marie Forleo says, "everything is figureoutable". When you’re living an inspired life, you don’t stop when a obstacle arises, you find a way around it. You become unstoppable and rather than shying away from challenges, you face them head on.

Are you living an inspired life? If not, is it time that you start? Click here to start the conversation.