How to prepare for your kinesiology session

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When I first started seeing my Kinesiologist, I would get very nervous before a session. As soon as I would book the session, I started to replay how I would describe my "issue" to her, even if the appointment wasn't for weeks. 

I had an irrational fear that I had to take control of the entire session and that I needed to have all the answers. I would also have a fear that I would blabber on for the entire hour without actually resolving anything, let alone wasting all my money! 

I'll be honest, it stressed me out! To the point where sometimes I wanted to skip my sessions altogether. But after seeing a number of different practitioners, here is what I learned:

All you need to do is show up. The rest of the session will flow as the practitioner takes control, not you. Thank goodness. 

When I started seeing my own clients, I wondered if anyone else felt this way before seeing me. So, I created this guide to make things super simple for those over-thinkers out there.  

Here's how to prepare for a kinesiology session:

  1. Book a session:  By far, this is the hardest step! I'm not kidding; Committing to a session declares to the universe you are ready for a transformative change. It takes guts and courage.
  2. Your session begins the moment you commit to it: you've committed to the session, so the universe knows you're ready to get to know yourself better. It will begin to unveil what you need to work on most, so pay attention and become an observer. 
  3. Fill out your new client form: This will be emailed to you with your appointment confirmation. Fill it out online and email it back to me 24 hours before your appointment. This saves you time on the day of your appointment and allows you to get the most out of your session as I'll read it thoroughly before you arrive and already have a good understanding of what's going on. 
  4. Wear comfortable clothing: You'll be laying down on a massage table, so wear something comfortable. 
  5. Disconnect: Turn off your phone, give yourself a distraction-free space for 60 minutes.
  6. Stay open, relax and enjoy the process: During the session, things will come up via muscle testing. I will ask you what they mean to you. A story may come to mind and you may think it's not related or ridiculous. Often times, there is something to that story, so talk about it. Using muscle testing, I'll know if it's relevant to what we're working on.

I always trust that each session will go where it needs to go. I hold the space for this opportunity and the more open you are and eager to make connections, the deeper we can work.

Do you ever feel like you "over-prepare" for sessions  with your coach or health practitioner? Comment below to tell me about your experiences!