How to stop caring what people think [video]

Today, I'm touching on a super important topic that seriously comes up with almost every single client I work with when it comes to starting a new business, project or side-hustle. 

It's the fear of judgment.

Let's start with a summary of what goes on through our minds when we're starting something new:

"I am SO excited. This is gonna be awesome!"

"I just want to get OUT there. I'm so impatient, let's get things moving already!"

(You then realise that in order to get your idea off the ground, you're gonna have to put yourself out there. You know, tell people...and promote yourself...)

Crippling fear of what your friends and family are going to think sets in

"Oh god. No No NO! I wanted to do this new thing WITHOUT anyone knowing!!" 

"They're ALL going to think I'm a fraud. I mean, I am a fraud. There are SO many other people out there that are 10 times better than me."

"I'm going to look like a joke. So embarrassing. Everyone is going to think I'm such a loser for even trying."

From this point, you have two choices:

1) Stop what you're doing, hide yourself underneath the bedroom covers and run away. Bury the new idea or venture so deep so no one will never catch glimpse of it. 


2) Do something about your crippling fear and learn how to stop caring about what other people think of you. 

And let's be honest. We've all done both at some point or another! 

But, as you probably know, if you're really serious about bringing an idea to life, you need to stop caring about what other people think. 

Ready to do just that? 

In today's brand new video, I take you through my simple 4 step process that shows you how to stop caring about what other people think. 

To make this SUPER easy for you, I've even put together a workbook to go along with the video. Simply watch the video and after each step, hit pause and complete the set in the workbook. 

I promise you that if done right, this process works wonders and can get out of your head when it comes to worrying about what others think.

-> Click here to download your free guide that goes along with the video. 

After you've watched the video, make sure to share any realisations or "aha" moments that you had in the comments section below!

With love,


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