What to expect from a kinesiology session

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I'm so excited that you're here! I absolutely love connecting with other awesome individuals who simply won't settle for anything other than living an inspired life. Not sure what to expect from a kinesiology session?  I've written this article just for you! But before you go on, make sure you've read this page that covers what kinesiology is. 

What to expect from a kinesiology session

Each session begins with an open and honest discussion that will last about 10 minutes. I'll ask you questions and guide you along the way to figure out what we most need to work on together.  From our discussion, I'll put together a goal for you. The goal is something that will be stressful initially, but throughout the kinesiology session we balance your energy so that you become aligned with the goal. 

After our discussion, you will  lay down on your back and simply let me guide you through the session. Using muscle-testing, I'm able to communicate with your subconscious mind to relay what is truly blocking you from moving forward. We clear the blocks using a variety of methods including:

  • Finding emotions stored in the cellular memory of your body
  • Trigger various points on the body to restore your body’s natural chi (energy flow)
  • Meditation/visualisation techniques
  • Vibrational medicine (body-mind-spirit balancing of the physical, as well as the energetic body)
  • Books and reference charts

As the session progresses, you will feel yourself becoming lighter and feel more at ease. You'll also have clear direction in terms of what you need to do next. 

What happens after the session?

Shortly after our time together, you will receive an email from me with anything important that came up during the session that you may need to revisit at home.  If you're on a package, you also receive access to unlimited email support in-between sessions, so if something comes up, we can work through it right away.

How often will I need a session?

At the beginning, I recommend coming in weekly for six weeks to clear major blocks in the various areas of your life (career, financial, social and sexual relationships, family relationships and  self-worth/confidence related issues). Essentially these are all intertwined so they will surface within each balance. We will be working to make sure you don't lose momentum, stay aligned and focused through this initial period of transformation. The best way to work with me is through my packages. 

Is kinesiology for me?

Here's a few areas I specialise in. I can help you if: 

  • You want to figure out your life purpose 
  • You feel completely stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and insecure about moving forward (in any aspect of your life)
  • You feel stuck in your career, you want a promotion, a job change or to change careers altogether
  • You recently started a new business and you could use some emotional, spiritual and mental support 

If you've got something you'd like to work on but you're unsure if kinesiology can help, just reach out via email.

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