February Offer

Purchase a Home Essentials Kit + Mood Management kit on doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and get a free 60 minute kinesiology session via Skype to help you get a better understanding of the underlying cause of your anxiety.
Plus, get an additional 100 points (approx. $150) to spend on oils (T&C's apply). 


Read this first: 

I have never offered anything like this before and I am not sure if I ever will again! I wanted a way to help people who are struggling with anxiety get the best of using essential oils + kinesiology. This offer expires on the 28th of Feb 2018. It is available only for newbies to doTERRA!
To take up this offer, you must purchase the doTERRA Essential Oils Home Essential Kit in February and the following month in March, order the Mood Management Kit on doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program. 
Learn about doTERRA's loyalty rewards program here. You can cancel this at anytime after you receive your mood management kit - there are zero obligations to continue ordering any doTERRA products. The reason why I selected these products in particular is because it will set you up with the oils that will help the most with your anxiety and the mood management oils are amazing for this. 

Australia only (you will also be eligible to get 100 points worth of doTERRA products - this is approximately $150 worth of free products that you will be able to order as a result of taking me up on this offer). Terms & Conditions apply and there a similar promotion for Canada/USA but please ask me first to make sure you'd be elidble for it.
Once you've processed your order for your Home Essentials Kit and set up your Loyalty Rewards Program with the Mood Management kit, you will be able to book in a complimentary 60 minute kinesiology session with me (valued @ $225). 
Following our kinesiology session, you will also get a Skype call with me to help you learn more about the oils you purchased and exactly how to use them.
The cost of the oils depend on where you live. You will pay doTERRA directly via the link below in your home currency. 

This offer is only available for people who purchase the essential oils via the link on this page. If you already have a doTERRA account and would  like a kinesiology session alone, book in here! 
I understand this many be a bit confusing! If you're having trouble, just email me andra@andramariawellness.com and we can do it over the phone or skype together :-)

home essentials doterra

Order #1: The Home Essentials Kit includes: 

doTERRA's 10 most popular oils
Free diffuser
Membership to doTERRA so you can purchase any products for the rest of the year at 25% off

About the oils

Lavender the oil of communication: Go-to oil for anxiety! Great to put on your chest to settle down nervous system. Amazing to diffuse at night before bed to help calm entire body. 

Frankincense the oil of truth: This is known as the "king of oils" as it has so many uses! It's a very spiritual oil that is commonly used during meditation. Put on temples when you need to focus. Great for anxiety as well! 

Peppermint the oil for mental clarity: Gives you a boost of refreshment (in my opinion better than coffee). Use as breath fresher. Put on temples for headaches.

Lemon the oil of inspiration: When I wake up and I'm "dreading" the day, I always take a big whiff of this oil! Also, I drink one tiny drop of this every morning with my water to help detox. Great as a natural goo-gone. Again, zillions of uses!

On Guard protective blend: This is your first immunity oil. I'm not kidding, if I have a cold and I put On Guard mixed with some coconut oil on my chest, I feel better within minutes! On Guard is one of my favourite oils. 

Oregano the oil of humility and non-attachment: Oregano is extremely anti-fungal. Dilute in water if sick. Put one drop in my eggs in the morning. 

Tea Tree the oil of energetic boundaries: Amazing for cleansing your space in a diffuser, great for disinfecting and amazing for fresh cuts (mixed with lavender). Use this to fade old scars, diffuse it to clear the energy in my space. I also find it grounding to smell during the full moon. 

Easy Air blend: Smells like eucalyptus! Great for diffusing during the evening for deep sleep and deep breathing, great for anxiety. Great when humid or during hay fever months. Use when you feel suffocated by sadness and you have a hard time letting go. 

Digestzen, digestive blend:  Great blend for "overthinking* and overwhelm and also physically, anytime anyone in the house has any digestive stuff going on (from constipation to diarrhea) you can use this with a little bit of coconut oil over the tummy. Used this in Bali and was the first time I didn't get Bali belly! 

Deep blue: muscle oil: Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and put on sore muscles or joints. I use this every night on my shoulders before bed. 

Recommended: add a Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order for when you're putting on the oils on your body. 

Order #2: Mood Management Kit 


Prices vary depending on the country you live in. I've listed the AUSTRALIAN prices below.

Home Essentials Kit: $330 AUD + shipping
Mood Management Kit (4 oils): $124 AUD + shipping (you get 10% of this order back in points to use for any future purchases) 




Ready to take me up on this one time offer? 

Or email me andra@andramariawellness.com if you'd like me to help you set it up over the phone or Skype. 

Enroller ID: 4731450
*Please note that prices may vary slightly depending on your local currency, shipping costs and tax regulations.