kinesiology melbourne

Whatever it takes, I'll get you there.

Change all begins with you. We all have a series of perceptions that have formed from a young age and they shape the way we see the world. Ultimately, your perception can either be empowering and freeing, or dissolving every chance you have to truly have the life you want. 

My work heavily revolves around helping you to shift your perspectives so that you can live out your innate destiny, being the person you've always dreamed of being. I use a variety of modalities in my practice including:

  • Coaching
  • Energy balancing (kinesiology) 
  • Equilibration Process
  • Personal development education 

Depending on what is going on for you, I use my expertise, knowledge and experience to do whatever it takes to help you get the shift you need to move forward with ease. 

What is kinesiology?

Just imagine that on your worst days when you feel completely out of whack and don't know why, there was a way you could bypass your conscious mind and communicate with your subconscious mind, so that you figure out what exactly is going on and what you need to do in order to feel ‘like you’ again?

That’s precisely what happens in a kinesiology session. In a kinesiology session, we are able to identify subconscious beliefs, patterns and sabotages that keep you stuck, stressed and anxious. We also work to restore the natural balance and flow within the meridians and chakra energy centres of your body. It’s a practice that truly works with all aspects of yourself – the body, mind and spirit – to realign your energy, helping you remove blocks and achieve your desired state of being. 

What will I gain from a kinesiology balance? 

After a kinesiology session, you will recognise that much of what you think you know about your life, your behaviour and your motives are just a part of your story.

Emotions and reactions to life events are not only recorded in the memory storage of your brain, but also in cellular memory and in the life-energy channels of our bodies. Our body holds on to stress and suppressed emotions which we too often consciously and unconsciously block, however they still dictate our underlying patterns of behaviours. 

Using a technique called muscle testing, we can now tap into these suppressed emotions. Once an emotion is surfaced, we recall your story and integrate the gained awareness with your current goal. 

Since we are working with the subtle energy body, we also work to restore balanced energy within the body. I use various techniques influenced by the Traditional Chinese Meridian system, vibrational medicine tools and  left/right brain integration techniques to re-balance the energy of the body and create long-lasting changes. 


Gain access to invaluable knowledge based on the fundamental universal laws and principals that govern humanity. I provide priceless education that will help you enrich your understanding of yourself, giving you a solid foundation to begin your transformative journey. 


Equilibration sessions are ultimately life-altering. I use the Equilibration process with clients who have suffered perceived tragedy, loss, abuse and trauma. The process is deeply healing as it transforms your inner most dominating thoughts that have been controlling your perception of yourself and your story for years. The process allows you to break free of repetitive cycles and enables you to open your heart to a new way of being.