Introduction to Essential Oils with a focus on anxiety & emotions

home essentials doterra

In this workshop, we cover 10 of doTERRA's most popular essential oils, which come in their Home Essentials Kit. 

The kit includes: 

*doTERRA's 10 most popular oils
*Membership to doTERRA so you can purchase any products for the rest of the year at 25% off

About the oils

Lavender the oil of communication: Go-to oil for anxious feelings, stress & to calm a racing mind! Great to put on your chest to settle down nervous system. Amazing to diffuse at night before bed to help calm entire body. 

Frankincense the oil of truth: This is known as the "king of oils" as it has so many uses! Also amazing for anxious feelings & stress. Take 1-2 drops under your tongue daily to improve mental focus, calm your nervous system, and reduce inflammation in the body. 

Peppermint the oil for mental clarity: Gives you a boost of refreshment (in my opinion better than coffee). Use as breath fresher. Put on temples for headaches.

Lemon the oil of inspiration: When I wake up and I'm "dreading" the day, I always take a big whiff of this oil! Also, I drink one tiny drop of this every morning with my water to help detox. 

On Guard protective blend: This is your first immunity oil. I'm not kidding, if I have a cold and I put On Guard mixed with some coconut oil on my chest, I feel better within minutes! I diffuse this often, especially in the winter. Also, great for protecting your energy. 

Tea Tree the oil of energetic boundaries: Amazing for cleansing your space in a diffuser, great for disinfecting and amazing for fresh cuts (mixed with lavender). Use this to fade old scars, diffuse it to clear the energy in my space. I also find it grounding to smell during the full moon. If I'm going somewhere with lots of people, I won't leave the house without it as it's the oil of energetic boundaries. 

Easy Air blend: Smells like eucalyptus! Great for diffusing during the evening for deep sleep and deep breathing, great for anxious feelings. Great when humid or during hay fever months. Use when you feel suffocated by sadness and you have a hard time letting go. 

Digestzen, digestive blend:  Great blend for "overthinking* and overwhelm and also physically, anytime anyone in the house has any digestive stuff going on (from constipation to diarrhea) you can use this with a little bit of coconut oil over the tummy. Used this in Bali and was the first time I didn't get Bali belly! 

Deep blue: muscle oil: Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and put on sore muscles or joints. I use this every night on my shoulders before bed. 

Oregano the oil of humility and non-attachment: Oregano is extremely anti-fungal. Dilute in water & drink if sick.