Private consultations

I work with clients that are wanting profound changes in their life and are ready to do the inner work. 

I offer programs that start at 5 weeks upwards to 3 months depending on the level of support you're after. Contact me to schedule a free strategy session to uncover your biggest sabotages and create a roadmap for resolution. 

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Equilibration sessions are ultimately life-altering. I use the Equilibration process with clients who have suffered perceived tragedy, loss, abuse and trauma. The process is deeply healing as it transforms your inner most dominating thoughts that have been controlling your perception of yourself and your story for years. The process allows you to break free of repetitive cycles and enables you to open your heart to a new way of being. 

To take you through this process properly, I require 2 sessions.

First session (30 minutes)
Coaching to identifying your inner most dominant thought that we need to equilibrate

Second session (60 minutes)

$400 AUD as a bundle