Deep Dive Session

My Deep Dive session is the best way to begin your journey of working with me if you're hesitant to commit to the four month program. I get it! You want to make sure that I'm the perfect person to support you on your journey at this time.

In this session we will uncover the predominant beliefs that have been sabotaging you and your relationships and the actions required to see a significant difference in your life. 

75 minutes (via Skype); $225 AUD
If you choose to move forward with the program, you can use this fee and session towards the program.

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Equilibration sessions are ultimately life-altering. I use the Equilibration process with clients who have suffered perceived tragedy, loss, abuse and trauma. The process is deeply healing as it transforms your inner most dominating thoughts that have been controlling your perception of yourself and your story for years. The process allows you to break free of repetitive cycles and enables you to open your heart to a new way of being. 

To take you through this process properly, I require 2 sessions.

First session (30 minutes)
Coaching to identifying your inner most dominant thought that we need to equilibrate

Second session (60 minutes)

$400 AUD as a bundle