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Mindset Coaching & Kinesiology via Skype

I know what you're thinking. How on earth can kinesiology work over Skype?

It's really important to remember that kinesiology works with your subtle energy body to access the subconscious mind.
The subtle energy body is spaceless, timeless and can occupy multiple places at once. This is why I can set my intention to surrogate for your energy, allowing me to muscle test on myself on behalf of you.

By booking in a Skype session, you give me permission to surrogate your energy and self-test during the time we are together. 

Why would I want a kinesiology session over Skype?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada. Before I moved to Australia, I had never heard of Energetic Kinesiology (the kind of Kinesiology I use everyday).  Energetic kinesiology is still a very new modality and it is slowly becoming more well-known here in Australia. When I first had a kinesiology session, it completely changed my life. Many people may never cross paths with this wonderful modality if they don't go outside of their current place of living. Having said that, I want to offer the same clarity and insight I received to everyone all over the world by offering sessions over Skype. 

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kinesiology melbourne

What does a session over Skype involve? 

I set a clear intention that I am self-testing on behalf of you. As I would in an in-person session, I muscle test against various charts, emotions, essences and books to give you information about what is going on subconsciously. Finally, we do various energy balancing corrections together.

These corrections include rubbing specific acupuncture points, running meridians, holding certain points on the body and much more. I usually like to get my clients to do the correction with me as it empowers them throughout the process. 

Does it really work?

Heck yes! I've worked with clients over Skype who live across the world. The response I receive is always the exact same as the response I receive in person "Wow, I never knew that XYZ was weighing so heavily on me. I feel so much better!"

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