Step Up Signature Program - ENROLMENT ENDS SEPT 28TH!

This program is for you if you feel like you want something more out of life, like something is calling you to live a bigger life and you're yearning to open up to a whole new experience of yourself. 

Once you allow me to guide you through the program, you'll shift from the uncertainty (and perhaps the "omg can I really do this?) and into empowerment because this is only when you can live the life your heart desires. 

You are strong, resilient, beautiful and courageous... You can do anything you want with your life. You deserve to be seen and heard. You deserve to take up space. You are worthy of your dreams...And all of your struggles, your drama, and your trauma has led you here for a reason. I'd love to guide you to show you how much this is true! Are you ready to say yes and Step Up into the next phase of your life? 

There is literally no other program on the market that combines one-on-one coaching, kinesiology and the equilibration process to help you get life-changing results. This program works on both the subconscious and conscious levels. 

This program is broken down into three phases: 

⁂ Unravelling the past (3 sessions)

  • 85% of your neural connections are formed between the ages of 0-8 years old. Therefore, the majority of your identity as an adult is based on your experiences as a child. 
  • We'll identify your belief systems formed by your parents that you are carrying around as baggage 
  • We'll begin to shift these heavy perceptions so you can feel lighter and more able to move forward 
  • You'll gain an understanding of the divine order behind your past and why it was perfect all along

⁂ Your future (3 sessions) 

  • Understand how you are currently stopping love from flowing into your life
  • Unravelling who you are as a person what your values are
  • Begin living life for you

⁂ Integrate (2 sessions)

  • Get clarity around your purpose and what you'd really love to be doing
  • Step Up into the person that you know you can be
  • I'll support you as you make strides aligned with your dreams and aspirations 
  • We will tidy up any last questions you may have as you Step Up into the next phase of your life 

By the end of the four months, you will have...

  • A new paradigm for understanding people, situations and relationships 
  • A true understanding of who you are as a person
  • A sense of purpose and what you are meant to do in this world 


The Step Up Signature program includes:

The entire program is held via Skype. Want to know why? Read this. 

  • A Comprehensive Welcome Pack sent to you before your initial session
  • 1 x 90 minute kick start intensive session 
  • A detailed plan emailed to you after our initial session with your customized program
  • 10 x 60 minute one-on-one sessions with me over a 4 month period (includes coaching, kinesiology, equilibrations. Click here to read more about my process)
  • Homework/activities to complete in-between sessions 
  • Email support over 4 months (Like real support - not just one-liners! You can email me anytime and I'll send you a detailed response back or a voice memo!) 

BONUS: Free webinar on how to handle self-doubt

The program officially starts the week of October 23rd and runs for four months. The entire program is catered to those who join as it is an individualized program.


Program valued at $2,747

Option 1:  Pay in full ($2,200 AUD)

One single payment of $2,200 AUD (Save $547)

Option 2: Payment plan (5 x $500 payments)  

Five monthly payments of $500 AUD direct debited each month (save $247) 

**Please note that this is the last round of the Step Up program I am running. Future programs will come at a higher cost.** 



I've been so excited to launch my doTERRA business this month that I am offering an incredible bonus to anyone that signs up and pays in full by the end of September!

This includes 4 of my favourite oils from the Mood Management kit to support you during the program:

* Joyful Blend
* Restful Blend
* Grounding Blend
* Invigorating Blend
+ 25% off any oils you wish to purchase for the rest of the year!
+ Free shipping!

*Valued at $200 AUD::: Yours for FREE if you sign up for the program and pay in full by September 28th!

Think this program might be for you?

I totally get that investing in yourself can be scary and you want to make sure that I'm the perfect person to guide you on this journey, which is why I offer all my clients a complimentary free chat prior to booking into the program. 

To schedule a free chat, email me at

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