Step up! Signature Program 

Are you ready to start truly living on purpose? 

This  program is exclusively for people who know without a doubt, they want significant, positive changes in their life and they're ready to do the inner work. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • You constantly feel unworthy and feel like you're never good enough 
  • You are often overthinking and worrying
  • You feel anxious, nervous and uneasy a lot of the time
  • Wish you knew your life purpose 

...And you're just so tired of it all!

Do you feel stuck, confused and anxious every time you think about your future? 

  • Does fear take over the moment you want to do something outside of your comfort zone?
  • Do you people please and drain your energy until you've got nothing left for you
  • Do you get envious when you hear someone talk about how they've got it all figured out? 
  • Are you sick and tired of playing small, feeling anxious and constantly living in the same cycle of self-doubt and fear?

If you're nodding along, then I'd love to invite you to join me on this four month transformational program! 

There is literally no other program on the market that combines one-on-one coaching, kinesiology and the equilibration process to help you get life-changing results. This program works on the subconscious and conscious levels and helps to start living in complete alignment with your heart. 

The 'Step Up' Signature program includes:

  • A Comprehensive Welcome Pack sent to you before your initial session with activities to complete prior to starting the one-on-one sessions. These set the foundation for our program together! 
  • 1 x 90 minute kick start intensive session 
  • A detailed plan emailed to you after our initial session with your customized program
  • 10 x 60 minute one-on-one sessions with me over a 4 month period 
  • Homework/activities to complete in-between sessions 
  • Email support over 4 months 

Entire program is held via Skype

This program is broken down into three phases: 

⁂ Letting go of the past

  • We'll identify conscious and subconscious belief systems and blocks that are holding you back
  • We'll shift your inner most dominant thought that currently runs your life

⁂ Getting clarity on the present

  • Finally, find out what your true purpose is! 
  • You'll truly understand how your entire life has lead you to your purpose
  • You'll start living your purpose and get clarity your life vision  

⁂ Stepping up into the person you've always dreamed of being

  • We'll make sure you're energetically 100% aligned with your true authentic self and your purpose
  • We'll work through the blocks that are dimming your light and not allowing you to truly shine
  • You'll feel at ease, grounded and worthy of receiving all that the universe is bringing your way
  • You'll learn how to use your intuition to be guided everyday 
  • You'll feel genuine pride, compassion and love for yourself and 7 x more confident! 

By the end of the four months, you will know ... 

  • What self-love really means 
  • Who you are and what your life purpose is
  • How to handle self-doubt and fear and keep it from stomping on your dreams
  • Without a doubt that you are worthy and deserving of everything you want in life! 

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Program valued at $2,747

Option 1:  Pay in full ($2,200 AUD)

One single payment of $2,200 AUD (Save $547)

Option 2: Payment plan (5 x $500 payments)  

Five monthly payments of $500 direct debited each month (save $247)

Book your free 30 minute discovery call to get started! 

What is a discovery call?

An opportunity for us to talk so that I can learn more about you!

  • I'll ask you to tell me what you'd like support with and a little bit about your desired goals 
  • I'll tell you if I can help! If so, we'll explore if my program would be a good fit to support you

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