Step Up Your Biz: A business coaching & alignment program

Are you a new coach, kinesiologist or other wellness industry professional just starting your business? 

I feel you. Starting on this new career path is terrifying! It's not just a career after all... this is about more than that. You've tried many other careers...and they've all fizzled out after a while. But this is different. This is IT. This is you finally following your heart and finally doing what you love. 

And what's more scary that failing at the one thing that is closest to your heart? 

You're nervous and excited when you think of the future and just as you go to take the next step, you freeze.

Your mind starts running... 

  • Do I even have enough experience to start?
  • How do I get clients?
  • What should I charge? 
  • How do I market myself? 
  • Do I even have anything to offer? There are so many other people better than me out there!
  • Can I actually make a full-time income in this industry? 

You visualize yourself completely changing the world and helping people transform their lives...but at the same time you feel a pit in your stomach when you even think about taking that next step. 

A part of you wants to run away  and forget this dream entirely. It's too hard. Too embarrassing. The universe is asking too much of you. Why couldn't you just want to have a "normal" job like everyone else? 

But then another part of you thinks I need to do this. I was meant for this. This is my purpose. This is everything I've ever wanted. 

So are you ready to make that dream a reality?

Believe me,  I was in exactly your shoes not too long ago. At the end of 2015, I had just quit my full-time job and declared to the universe that I was ready to finally start working as Mindset Coach & Kinesiologist. To say I was terrified was an understatement, but you know what I was EVEN more scared of?

Getting to my death bed... knowing I never even gave myself the chance to truly live my purpose. 

So I mustered up all the strength and courage I had and started my first business ever.  

A year later, I look back at my journey nearly in disbelief, thinking "holy smokes... did I really do all that?" And the answer is Yes, I did! I was able to support myself financially above and beyond what I had expected and now don't even consider going back to working for anyone else! 

What is the 'Step Up Your Biz' Program?

business coaching

This program is for people who want the real deal when it comes to building their wellness business. . 

You can expect deep personal shifts that will transcend way beyond your business. This is deep personal development work combined with strategies to help you truly grow your business and live your purpose and do what you were born to do. 

This program works on the subconscious and conscious levels and helps to build your business in complete alignment with your heart. There is no other program on the market that combines: business coaching, mindset coaching, kinesiology alignment and equilibrations. 

The 'Step Up Your Biz' program includes:

  • A Comprehensive Welcome Pack sent to you before your initial session with activities to complete prior to starting the one-on-one sessions. These set the foundation for our program together! 
  • 18 x 60 minute coaching/energy alignment sessions with me over a 6 month period
  • Homework/activities to complete in-between sessions (and yes, I do read your homework to make sure you're on track)
  • Email support over 6 months 

This program is broken down into six phases: 

1. Mindset

  • Before we dive into any business strategy work, we need to get clear on anything that may be holding you back. I'm talking old stories and baggage that are like sandbags at your ankles, keeping you from moving forward. 

2. Finding your ideal clients

  • I promise you, this isn't just another boring "client avatar" activity. The way I teach you to identify your unique ideal client is completely different than how anyone else teaches this element. We make sure you're in alignment with your ideal client so you can start attracting the people you love to work with from day 1. 

3. Service clarity

  • There are so many ways to work with clients! From single sessions to programs to packages, which one is right for you? I teach you my strategy of how to step up a profitable and sustainable business model. We get clear on your prices and we put together an offer that is so delicious that you'll want to buy it yourself! 

4. Clearing money blocks

  • With money being a direct reflection of your self-worth,  A LOT can come up when you are first starting your first business. We align you to your prices and help clear your money blocks that are keeping you stuck. 

5. Getting clients

  • I teach you a system of how to market yourself (or as I like to say, how to connect to your potential clients) so that you can continue to attract clients and grow your business. Yes, this does involve putting yourself out there and becoming visible on the online space! But don't worry, I've got your back. We do a lot of work around releasing the fear of judgment from others and and being comfortable with being seen. This is another pivotal part of the program!

6. Unstoppable confidence

  • I cannot begin to express how many things come up for people when they first start seeing clients. To name a few: not having proper boundaries in place, over-giving, taking too much responsibility and on and on. I've seen people completely burn out after a short few months in business because they didn't take care of themselves in this area. It's crucial to maintain your energy so that you can continue to build the business of your dreams. 

By the end of the six months, you will have... 

  • A beautiful business with clients flowing your way 
  • A deeper connection to yourself and your purpose
  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities 
  • A business that you've dreamed of... so that you can truly say "I am living my purpose and getting paid for it!" 

Think this might just be exactly what you need?  Book a free 30-minute chat with me.


Regular value of $5,995

Option 1:  Pay in full ($3,997 AUD) (save $1,998)

One single payment of $3,997 AUD 

Option 2: Payment plan (6 x $750/month) (save $1,495)

Only six monthly payments of $750 AUD direct debited each month

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This gives me a chance to learn more about you and your business and we can determine if this program would be the right fit for you!