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For so long I felt like I was suffocating, like the world wouldn't just let me truly be me. I would dumb myself down, I would play small, I would exhaust my energy trying to prove I was good enough to others. I was so frustrated by the many expectations that I believed my family, friends, clients and community had of me. I kept saying, "I just want to be me." Little did I know, the person who imposed the harshest expectations on me...was me. 


When I finally began to allow myself to be me...all the constraints and expectations begun to melt away and there I was, left with my pure self. I begun to love the girl inside of me who was desperately trying to get my attention for years. I started to fall in love with the beautiful sides of me - the enthusiastic, spiritual, connected beautiful girl that I am. But the real transformation begun when I started to love my shadow sides - the part of me that was weak, fearful, doubtful and downright mean at times. By integrating both the positive and the negative sides of myself, I begun to know the real me. Slowly the expectations and pressures I felt from others started melting away and like a delicate flower I bloomed.

 Some days I still struggle. Some days I still completely forget who I am. Other days I remember so vividly.

Coming back to the "essence of me" is my daily ritual. 

I'd like you to invite you on this journey with me... 

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* Pre-recorded module that includes:

  • 2 x morning meditations recorded by yours truly
  • 1 x Intuitive Journalling mini workshop 
  • 1 x Gratitude Journalling mini workshop
  • 1 x Intention setting module to do before 2017 closes (releasing 2017, inviting 2018)

* 6 LIVE classes with Andra

  • Each call will have a theme and as a group we will share feelings, emotions, memories and events that need to be released 
  • LIVE Q&A at the end of each call

* Bonus LIVE Workshops #1: Navigating Social Media in 2018

* Bonus LIVE Workshop #2: Creating Your Reality, The Art of Being

* Assigned break out mini-groups for you to further connect & make friends for a life time

*A membership site with the recordings of each call

*Heaps of opportunities to ask questions, connect and feel heard

*Option to add one a private 60 minute coaching/energy clearing session for $100 upon registering! (normally valued at $225)! 

Total program value if you hired me to take you through this one-on-one $2,225 

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You often feel judged and pressure from the outside world to conform, but your soul suffers when you do

You hate sticking to the norm, rules and just want to live your life your way

You often make yourself wrong and everyone else right, only to find out that you’ve been right the whole time

You’re a spiritual being and have young memories of asking yourself deep and powerful questions about the meaning of life

You can sometimes feel like an alien, completely out of place in our society

You’ve asked yourself “Why can’t I just be normal?”

 You’re a highly sensitive and emotional person

You’re extremely sensitive to other people and can often feel emotions very strongly

You’re refusing to settle in your life which can feel like you’re constantly battling the opinions of others

You keep saying to yourself “I just want to be me and be accepted as I am”

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Foundations Pre-Recorded Module

The entire program will be held LIVE other than this pre-work section. One week after the program enrolment closes (Friday December 22nd) you will receive your program pre-work. This includes:

  • Morning surrendering meditation 
  • Morning energy cleansing meditation
  • Intuitive journalling techniques/tools that you can start using right away
  • Gratitude techniques to truly open up your heart 
  • Intention setting for 2018


Class One: Welcome Home - Opening Ceremony (Wed Jan 10th, time TBC)*

In this opening ceremony, we set clear soul intentions for the program as we cultivate a space where you can see, hear and feel your true self for the first time in a long time. On our live call, I'll take you through a process which will allow you to re-connect to your truest essence. We'll get clear on what you're actually seeking. LIVE Q&A included. Recording will be made available.



Class Two: Breaking Free (Wed Jan 17th, time TBC)*

You're tired of being weighed down by other peoples expectations of you. You have been shamed, shut down and made to feel stupid countless times. You've wondered why you just can't feel "normal" or "fit in" with society. You feel trapped, caged and ready to break free. 

As a group, we explore past relationships and events with people in our life who have tried to box us in. We deal with emotions such as shame, guilt and embarrassment that have been suppressed for decades. I take us through a process of disconnecting from this heaviness so you can feel lighter & more free. LIVE Q&A included. ecording will be made available.

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Class Three: A Little Bit Deeper - Releasing Future Expectations ( Wed Jan 24th, time TBC)*

It's time to unfold. Who are you without all the baggage of expectations, obligations and pressure from others? What if you could simply put each foot forward as of tomorrow with your inner desires and feel validated and free? We uncover what "being you" means moving forward and create new ways to show up in the world. LIVE Q&A included. ecording will be made available.


Class Four: Loving Your Shadows (Wed Jan 31st, time TBC)*

We conform because we believe it's the only way to be liked. Disappointing others hurts us. But loving our harder edges is the key to setting ourselves free. We embrace the darker sides of you. You learn to love your inner bitch, the other parts of you that you've been trying to suppress. This my beauties, is the key to freedom. LIVE Q&A included. Recording will be made available.


Class Five: Loving Your Light (Wed Feb 7th, time TBC)*

You're a natural born teacher. If you don't already know that, this week you will know it in your bones. We bring out the light and see that simply by being you, you are a blessing. But as you may have experienced in the past, this can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. I teach you how to maintain your energy, how to say "no" to things that don't serve you and how to know when it's time to share your love and when it's more wise to withhold it. LIVE Q&A included. Recording will be made available.

Class Six: Integration (Wed Feb 14th, 1time TBC)* 

We wrap up the course with integrating the light and shadow parts of ourselves and step out into the world with clarity and poise. Embody power, freedom and calmness without having anything to prove. Radiate your inner truth from the inside out. LIVE Q&A included. Recording will be made available.



Bonus LIVE Workshop: Navigating Social Media in 2018 (Group vote for date in 2018)

We discuss the landscape of social media moving forward. We discuss all the feelings that people have coined as "silly" and "stupid" when it comes to social media - dealing with unsupportive friends online and being triggered by other peoples posts. 60-90 minutes. 

Bonus LIVE Workshop #2: Creating Your Reality, The Art of Being (Wed Feb 21st, 1time TBC)*

The most beautiful manifestations are those that you do not expect nor control. I'll take you through my new thoughts on creating your reality and share how you can apply this new way of being into your daily life. 60 minutes. 


*Times/dates are tentative. Members who join the program will be given a group vote for the best time to suit everyone's time zones. 


This program isn’t designed to solve all of your life problems or be a quick-fix personal development program. I'm sure you know by now, this doesn't exist. No one course, program, coach or seminar will resolve everything in your life for good. The personal development industry has boomed in the past several years and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. My intention is not to be another 'self-help guru' in your life promising you abundance, undeniable health and happiness as a result of this program. I believe there is enough (too much) of that going on in our industry (if you're one of these people, please don't be offended, I'm just sharing my honest opinion). 

This program is designed to give you tools to help you cultivate a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself and deal with the constant pressures of our society to “be, act and feel a certain way.”

I will give you practical tools to help you align your energy daily and help you feel empowered when you are standing in your truth. But what about those bad days when you feel lost, confused and stuck again? These tools will also help you through feeling low.  It’s a toolbox of techniques and conversations that you can come back to time and time again.

Most importantly, this program is designed to connect you to other people who feel like you do. It’s designed to help you talk, share your truth while being in an environment where you are embraced and adored for your uniqueness rather than punished for it. The intention is to create a group of people that you may meet now and know forever. 

The program is broken down into three phases. Pre-work, live classes and bonus classes. Each call will be recorded and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions on the video calls and send in your questions in advance. Live classes begin January 10th 2018, a perfect start to the new year. 

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